Teacher Training Bio

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Ted’s Teacher Training bio

Ted’s greatest passion is training instructors to teach whatever they teach more effectively. Do your community have new instructors seeking training? Are you an established educator who is fantastic at what you teach, but sometimes struggle at how to teach it? Are you an international instructor who wants to invest in your pursuit of mastering the classroom (and the stage)? Ted can help with all three.

Book Ted for a teacher training at any level, from beginner to master, and he will craft a curriculum to fit your needs. Or you can book him to take one of your classes, record it, and review it with you afterwards for reinforcement and fine-tuning.

While he most frequently works with movement-based instructors, he has also helped academic instructors ranging from kindergarden, to middle school mathematics, to collegiate science.

“It’s an actual teacher training!  What ever you teach Ted will help you teach it better!  Get specific feedback on wording, body language, voice tone, AKV learning and more!”

Diane G., March 2012
“I always had good feedback about my classes but it was usually an appreciation in the moment for what was taught, but after taking the Teacher’s Training, the feedback has been a rousing, unanimous, ‘please come back and teach again as soon as possible!’… The Teacher’s Training is insightful, challenging, fun and it will work on you like alchemy, sooner or later, you will come out of there a transformed teacher ready to spread your magic.”

Andrew Sutton, September 2010
“Ted’s classes are one of the most effective ways I’ve found to improve one’s teaching.  This is saying a lot considering that for the last 8 years I have traveled all over the world, teaching in 40+ countries, attending/teaching at 40+ workshops per year, and having taken from virtually every big name Swing dance instructor in the world (usually multiple times).  Those of you who know me, know that I take teaching dance very very seriously.  Just in the last 2 months, I flew to London, Egypt & Germany to take from Mario, Homer, & Chris/Campbell so I could better understand how to implement their classes into BFX.  So when I say Ted’s classes are effective, this is coming from someone who has done his homework. “