…0n Teaching Dance

Lisa B., April 2012
“I have been a student of Ted’s for two years and I think that nothing has advanced my dancing as much as his private lessons… With Ted’s help I’ve recreated how I move on and off the dance floor.”

Genie G., December 2011
“Ted is such a pro, and an inspiring teacher with a polite and easy going manner. I appreciate his clear, unintimidating feedback. He breaks down technique
in a way that makes sense.”

“Regardless of what level you’re at as a dancer, you will get value out of Ted’s classes.  He explains things in a way that is easy to understand, gives us plenty of time to practice concepts, uses great music in class, listens to questions and answers them effectively, and worked at an easy pace that was just right for our group.  He set up a classroom that was safe and respectful, had great classroom management skills, and was fun and funny.”

Sara F., March 2012
“My first lesson with Ted was about a year after I had started blues dancing. I had taken a few group classes in my year’s time but overall, hadn’t had much instruction. Ted put me through my paces. An hour of “crash course” blues lessons that were challenging but gave me lots to work on for homework. I highly recommend private and group lessons with Ted. He’s approachable and clear with his instructions.”

“Ted’s classes provide a solid foundation in the “basics” of Blues, connecting with your partner and connecting with the music, and how to have the best, safest, most enjoyable dance possible every time with every partner.”

“You are an ideal teacher: KIND, clear, well planned, responsive to group energy, taught us appropriate and positive and valuable ways of ‘feed-back’ to advance all of our dancing. I enjoyed the continuous and varied wonderful music. You created a cohesive group and made it FUN for each and all. I think all this is just an experssion of who you are as a person.”

“I loved the opportunity to learn from such a wonderful teacher… Ted you have excellent skills and I am impressed with your politeness and also ability to keep the class rotating at a quick pace.”

…on Teaching Teachers

“The content was fresh and interesting. I felt like I got new ways of looking at everything from all the classes.”

“It’s an actual teacher training!  What ever you teach Ted will help you teach it better!  Get specific feedback on wording, body language, voice tone, AKV learning and more!”

Diane G., March 2012
“I always had good feedback about my classes but it was usually an appreciation in the moment for what was taught, but after taking the Teacher’s Training, the feedback has been a rousing, unanimous, ‘please come back and teach again as soon as possible!’… The Teacher’s Training is insightful, challenging, fun and it will work on you like alchemy, sooner or later, you will come out of there a transformed teacher ready to spread your magic.”

Andrew Sutton, September 2010
“Ted’s classes are one of the most effective ways I’ve found to improve one’s teaching.  This is saying a lot considering that for the last 8 years I have traveled all over the world, teaching in 40+ countries, attending/teaching at 40+ workshops per year, and having taken from virtually every big name Swing dance instructor in the world (usually multiple times).  Those of you who know me, know that I take teaching dance very very seriously.  Just in the last 2 months, I flew to London, Egypt & Germany to take from Mario, Homer, & Chris/Campbell so I could better understand how to implement their classes into BFX.  So when I say Ted’s classes are effective, this is coming from someone who has done his homework. “