Class Descriptions

Private Lessons

Private dance lessons are the fastest way to be introduced to a new dance. If you’re new to dance, you’ll learn everything you need to approach your first social dance with confidence. More experienced dancers will have the opportunity to hone your existing skills and pinpoint areas for improvement. You’re welcome to come alone, or bring a partner.  To book a private lesson, click on the “Contact” tab above and send some times that work for you.

Group Lessons

Group classes are traditionally taught before social dances.  You can have a night out in Berkeley, SOMA, or the Mission.  Start with dinner with your friends or visit a local watering hole, and then meet like-minded people and learn a few moves before attending a social dance. Most people show up alone or with a few friends. Group classes rotate partners frequently, so you’ll have plenty of chances to practice new skills with a variety of partners.  Attire is casual, though dressing up for live music is common.  Ted commonly teaches the beginner blues dance lessons offered in the Bay Area.  For more information, or to find details on Bay Area dances, click the Beyond Blues logo below.